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Wireless security stopping device for power wheelchairs and scooters



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Made in France by ORTHINEA.


What is a WiSTOP ?

The WiSTOP allows an attendant to stop any power wheelchair or scooter, up to 100 meters away.

It's an outstanding new tool for attendant people caring for a disabled person who might lose the control of their vehicle.

The WiSTOP gives more freedom to the disabled person, because he/she won't be sitting in a manual wheelchair because of his/her driving weeknesses, and a great stress relief to the attendant.

It's also a great tool for therapists, who can protect someone who's learning how to use a power wheelchair.


Who is it for ?

All users who might place themselves in a risky situation while driving their wheelchair or scooter (absence, athetosis, driving difficulties, etc.)
...and all unattentive children (road crossing, etc.)


Easy !

Just plug into the charging connector of the vehicle and drive !

Keyfob pocket transmitter.


Need to know more or where to buy ?

Detailed informations :

The WiSTOP resists to water projections (can be used anywhere you go).

The WiSTOP is delivered with velcro bands. You can install it in any free space of the vehicle where it will remain protected from chocs.

The WiSTOP is compatible in its standard version with any wheelchair or scooter with a 3 pin charging connector (Dynamic electronics -Invacare, Vermeiren, Dupont, Rupiani, B&B, etc.- ; Penny&Giles electronics -Sunrise, Meyra, Permobil, etc.- ; Curtis electronics -Otto Bock, Pride, etc.-).

The WiSTOP can be adapted as a special fabrication to the vehicles with other types of connectors.

The WiSTOP only blocs the driving functions and is without any risk for the vehicle electronics.

The keyfob transmitter works with a coded frequency. The WiSTOP cannot interfere or get interfered by any other radio device (mobile phones, other WiSTOP, etc.).

The WiSTOP and its principles are patented. ORTHINEA is the exclusive owner of the patent.

Depending on the country regulations, the WiSTOP might get financing from the health insurance institution or the health insurance companies, as an attendant driving device.

An extra or replacement keyfob can be ordered under the reference 3100004. This reference includes the shipping from the WiSTOP to ORTHINEA for re-programming and quality controlling.


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